Unlock PDF removes password from the encrypted PDF files in 2 steps using ScannerGo's PDF tool for free. You don't have to sign up to transform your PDF file.

How to Unlock PDF ?

Follow the below-given steps to unlock or decrypt PDF

1. Upload File

Upload a PDF file that you want to unlock or decrypt. Rest assured, your files are uploaded over an encrypted connection. They stay secure and are deleted permanently after processing.

2. Enter Password

To decrypt or unlock the uploaded PDF, in the given space, type in the password that is needed to access the PDF. Confirm the password by re-entering it in the next given space.

3. Decrypt

After uploading the PDF file and entering the password, click/tap 'decrypt' to start decrypting the uploaded PDF.

4. Download

Once the processing finishes, the decrypted PDF file will be available to download. Click/Tap 'Download' to download the decrypted PDF file. Now, you don't need a password to open the PDF.