Split PDF simply by putting in page ranges. Make multiple PDF files or remove pages from PDF using ScannerGo's easy-to-use PDF tool for FREE!

How to Split PDF ?

Follow the below-given steps to split into multiple PDF files

1. Upload File

Upload a PDF file that you want to split into more than multiple PDFs. Rest assured, your files are uploaded over an encrypted connection. They stay secure and are deleted permanently after processing.

2. Select Range

To split the uploaded PDF, enter a range of pages you want the PDF to be split into. For eg: your PDF has 20 pages and you want to split it into two equal parts, then you will enter 1 in the space provided for 'range from', and 10 in the space provided for 'range to'.

3. Split PDF

After uploading the PDF file and selecting the range, click/tap 'Split PDF' to start splitting up the uploaded PDF into multiple PDF files.

4. Download

Once the processing finishes, the split PDF files will be available to download. Click/Tap 'Download' to download the ZIP file containing split PDF files