Put a password to your PDF. ScannerGo's PDF lock allows you to encrypt PDFs and protect sensitive information for free without sign-up.

How to Lock PDF ?

Follow the below-given steps to lock

1. Upload File

Upload a PDF file that you want to lock or encrypt. Rest assured, your files are uploaded over an encrypted connection. They stay secure and are deleted permanently after processing.

2. Choose Password

To encrypt or lock the uploaded PDF, type in a strong password in the given space. Confirm the password by re-entering it in the next given space.

3. Encrypt

After uploading the file and setting a strong password, click/tap 'encrypt' to start encrypting the uploaded PDF.

4. Download

Once the processing finishes, the encrypted PDF file will be available to download. Click/Tap 'Download' to download the encrypted PDF file. Now, enter the password you chose in the second step to open the encrypted or locked PDF.