Why Do You Need PDF Tools?


PDF to any other document, allowing you to import and work with those same applications.

If you share your documents and folders with others, PDF software is a must-have digital tool for you, especially when content security is a priority.

The digital transformation is well underway, but how can PDF tools assist you in making the transition from paper to digital?

In the last few decades, digital transformation has accelerated, but the rise of remote work has accelerated it even more, resulting in an adopting more advanced technological document management solutions.

ScannerGo - A Solution for Digital Transformation

ScannerGo can assist you in embracing digitalization seamlessly by availing you the right tools.

ScannerGo started as a single compression tool to simplify sending large documents and email attachments. Today, it has over 15 simple document management tools to assist you with almost any PDF requirement, saving you time and money while enhancing your sustainable development through digitalization.

The ScannerGo toolkit can help you with your PDF and document managerial activities by:

  • Converting PDFs to Word, Excel, JPG, and PowerPoint, and back again
  • Compressing PDFs up to 70% of the original document size without compromising document integrity
  • E-signing PDFs and requesting signatures
  • Scanning PDFs with the ScannerGo Mobile App
  • Merging and splitting PDF documents
  • Adding page numbers
  • Encrypting and decrypting PDFs
  • Editing PDFs, including adding text, highlights, shapes, and images

ScannerGo’s 15+ PDF tools are available to help with specific document tasks, and they can also help you create a sequence of tasks to solve almost any document management problem you can think of.

Check out the ScannerGo blog to know how ScannerGo tools contribute to a paper-free work culture. Explore the tools to see how we can make PDF easy for you and your business!