How to Convert Word to PDF Online?


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PDF is the go-to format when it comes to sharing documents. However, at instances, we aim to edit or make changes to PDF files; that’s when the PDF file restrictions make us look for ways to convert PDF to Word or any other easily editable format.

A few best PDF converters are available online, and they come with slightly different features. This article will cover various features you may require in a PDF converter, enabling you to decide which one is the best for you and how to convert PDF to Word online on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

We will introduce you to the fastest method to convert PDF to Word online. You should use a trusted online software or website to convert PDF to Doc.

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To convert PDF to Word, all you have to do is visit: & follow the simple steps below to convert PDF to Word:

a) Upload File
Upload a file from your computer by selecting the PDF file you want to convert to Word online directly from your computer, or simply drag and drop PDF to PDF to Word conversion box. Additionally, you can upload a PDF file from cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., to convert PDF to Word in the online web browser ScannerGo for FREE.

b) Convert
Once you add the PDF file to the PDF to Word conversion box, simply Click/Tap on "convert PDF" to start converting the uploaded PDF into a DOC file. You can add multiple PDF files to convert to Doc files on this FREE and easy-to-use PDF to Word converter.

c) Download
At this stage, ScannerGo has converted your PDF file to a Word file (Doc); you can access your editable Word document by downloading the file (Click 'Download DOC' )you got after the PDF to Word file conversion. You can also view the PDF to Word conversions in your browser.

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You must convert a PDF to Word if you want to make any changes to your PDF file.
But would you like to download software for that? No! you look for fast and easy online options that support different operating systems.
ScannerGo is the answer to all these questions. It’s easy and quick; you can access it from mobile, desktop, iPad, etc.
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