How to Convert PDF to Word for Free


ScannerGo PDF to Word Converter ensures excellent document change results whether you convert your PDF documents to Word or some other document design.

Knowing how to convert a PDF to Word comes in handy when you need to make any changes to important papers. PDFs aren't fully editable, but you can make all the changes you want by converting PDFs to Word documents.

PDF to Word converter is a popular tool for converting PDF files back to editable Word documents to make any required last-minute text changes easy. It's beneficial if you need to edit or eliminate text from a PDF document but can't find the source file.

Word can translate PDFs on Windows. Simply right-click the PDF file in Explorer, select "Open with," and then open with Word.

However, the results will likely be sloppy, with missing pictures or backgrounds and out-of-place messages. Also, Word cannot convert large PDFs with many pages.

So, we recommend that it works entirely within your browser, and while the free version does not allow you to edit all visible text. It also generates DOCX files that are more similar to the original PDFs than Word's built-in conversion feature. So, it would be best if you ideally used a 3rd party conversion tool.
We are introducing you to a ScannerGo, a PDF to Word converter which is fast, free, and easy to use.

This tutorial will walk you through converting a PDF file to an editable Text document for free. Simply visit ScannerGo, and follow these simple steps to convert PDF to Word:

a) Uploading File
Upload a file from your laptop, computer or mobile device simply by selecting the PDF file you want to convert to Word online, or you can also drag and drop PDF to the given PDF to Word conversion box. Additionally, you can upload a PDF file from cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc., to convert PDF to Word in the online web browser ScannerGo for FREE.

b) Conversion
Once you're done uploading for PDF to Word conversion, Click/Tap 'convert PDF' to start converting. You can add multiple PDF files to convert simultaneously on this user-friendly PDF to Word converter.

c) Download
Once your PDF file is converted to a Word file (Doc), you can access your editable Word document by downloading the file (Click 'Download DOC' )you got after the PDF to Word file conversion. You can also view the PDF to Word conversions in your browser.

On ScannerGo, you get high-quality results irrespective of the PDF file conversion you go for. So, if you want untampered PDF to Word conversions, you can rely on ScannerGo.

Why ScannerGo?

ScannerGo PDF to Word Converter guarantees high-quality file conversion results whether you convert your PDF files to Word or any other file format.

Today, most users appreciate the online web tools for file conversions, including PDF to Word, because it’s quick and user-friendly.

Additionally, if you prefer to work on different devices like a PC, laptop, or mobile phone that use other operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, or iOS, ScannerGo would still be a good choice.

Finally, regardless of which PDF to DOC Conversion alternative you select, all files processed through ScannerGo are entirely secure. Read our blog post on how we maintain your files safe to learn more about ScannerGo security standards.