How to Convert a PDF to PowerPoint Free Online?


ScannerGo PDF to PowerPoint (PPT) Converter guarantees high-quality file conversion results whether you convert your PDF files to PPT or any other file format.

Do you want to convert a PDF file to a stylish PPT? Read on!

Suppose an institute classmate or a colleague has sent you a PDF file via email, and you want all the content on a PowerPoint presentation. How would you go about it?

Instead of starting from scratch, a better solution is to use an online PDF to PPT converter. It will save you hours of hard work as you will not have to redraw slide presentations, copy/paste phrases, or take screenshots. Sounds like something useful, right?

Although you may require the content on your PDF file to be untampered in your presentation, it is not as simple to extract content from a PDF file as it is from several other document types.

So, let’s minimize your efforts and check how you can convert PDF to PPT on a highly reliable online tool- ScannerGo. Moreover, all it takes is one tap!

On ScannerGo, To convert PDF to PowerPoint presentation, follow these simple steps:

  • Select one or multiple PDF files you want to convert to a PPT file.
  • Upload or add PDF files from your computer or phone by clicking on the ‘add files’ or just drag and drop one or multiple PDF files into the given drop zone.
  • Once your PDF files are uploaded, click or tap on the ‘Convert PDF’ button.
  • ScannerGo would take a few seconds to convert PDF to PPT. After the conversion, click or tap on the ‘Download PPT’ button.

You don’t have to sign up or provide personal details to download the PPT on ScannerGo.
ScannerGo automatically deletes your PDF and PPT files from its server after 30 minutes. We value your privacy and don’t store your documents.

You might have some of the below given obvious questions regarding the file conversion:

Can I make changes to the text in my presentation file?
Yes, the PDF to Powerpoint converter converts PDF documents into customizable PowerPoint slides. Whereas PowerPoint provides two options for saving a file: Save and Save As. These options function similarly, with a few key differences where you can save the ppt on your device with a different name from the one converted PPT file from ScannerGo.
You can edit both versions of the converted PPT file.

What is the accuracy of the PDF to Powerpoint conversion?
PDF to PPT converters could produce slightly different results, but with ScannerGo, you get precisely the same results as in your uploaded PDF files.
Considering its high file conversion accuracy and the trust of millions of customers every day, we highly recommend ScannerGo as your go-to PDF to PPTX tool to avoid the hassles you might encounter.
So, to get a PPT that looks exactly like your PDF file, go for ScannerGo.

Something more:

ScannerGo isn't all about converting your PDFs to high-quality PPTs; you can also convert your PDFs to many other file formats, including Word, Excel, JPG, PNG, and ZIP, among others. Additionally, you can merge and split PDFs without losing quality.
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