How to Add a Password to a PDF?


ScannerGo is a secure document management too. It is a world-renowned PDF Editor respected by over 10 million users.

Sending a PDF e-mail attachment is quite common, but do you generally find a PDF file is truly secure?

If not, here's how to password-protect your PDF:

It's critical to use a strong password to secure your PDF file. Someone might be able to guess your password and open your document if you create a weak password.

Create a passcode that no one else can guess; make it as long as possible by using a mix of lowercase and capital letters and numbers. Don't include your details or words if you don't want people to guess your details or the words you use in your password.

If you're dealing with sensitive data saved in PDF format, you'd want to ensure that you’re using a reputable online service.

One hundred percent secure document management tool, ScannerGo is a world-renowned PDF Editor respected by over 25 million users. When you upload a file to ScannerGo, it automatically encrypts and deletes it after processing.

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How do I lock a PDF file?

Follow the below-given steps:

1. Select a Password

Type a secure password in the provided space to encrypt or lock the PDF you want.

2. Upload PDF to lock

Select the PDF file you want to lock or encrypt simply by dragging into the file-upload box or by clicking on ’add files’. ScannerGo keep your files safe and delete them permanently after processing.

3. Encrypt the data

Once the PDF file is uploaded and a strong password us selected, click or tap 'encrypt' to begin encrypting the PDF.

4. Download encrypted PDF

The encrypted PDF file will be available to download once the processing is done. To download the encrypted PDF file, click or tap 'Download.' To open the encrypted or locked PDF, type the password you chose in the first step.

What is the best way to get rid of password security?

If you later decide you don't want to limit access to your PDF, you can use the ScannerGo Unlock PDF tool to remove the password.

Simply enter the password you chose earlier, click the ‘decrypt’ button to get rid of the PDF password security.