Convert Excel to PDF for FREE


How to convert excel to pdf? Turn any Excel spreadsheet file you have into a PDF document. It's fast, online, easy and completely free.

To convert.xlsx worksheets to PDF documents for free, you can use the ScannerGo Excel to PDF tool, one of the simplest and quickest available. Moreover, you do not need to create an account to use ScannerGo tools.

Moreover, it's free to use and works with older Excel file formats such as the Excel 97-2004 workbook format.

How to Freely Convert Xlsx to PDF

Follow the below-given steps:

  • Go to the ScannerGo website and click on Excel to PDF converter.

  • In the blue box, drag and drop your .xlsx spreadsheet. Or simply click on ‘add file’ to add an excel sheet. You can add multiple files at the same time.

  • Click on the ‘Generate PDF’ button to convert Excel to PDF in a few seconds.

  • After processing you’ll get the option to download the PDF file on your computer.

Importance of Excel to PDF conversion

The need to reduce issues with digital documents, particularly the PDF format, prompted the creation of the ScannerGo online website. The current file size limit is 5GB per document; Excel files, typically containing massive databases and vector graphics, can quickly become bloated.

Excel to PDF Converter of the Highest Quality

Whether you have to convert XLS, XLSX, or the other Excel file type, ScannerGo's free Excel to PDF converter converts all of your files quickly. ScannerGo Excel to PDF Converter is simple to use and converts Excel spreadsheets with tables and equations to PDF flawlessly.

We have several online PDF editing tools that you can use. ScannerGo is more than just an Excel to PDF converter; we've got you covered on everything from page removal and rotation to splitting and combining PDFs and file compression. You'll never need another PDF converter.

The safety of files

When you use ScannerGo's online Excel to PDF converter, you don't have to worry about your data being stolen. All files on the ScannerGo server and your XLS, XLSX, and PDF files are encrypted with 256-bit SSL encryption, making your data more difficult to intercept. ScannerGo doesn’t save any of the information you provide us.

Simple to use

ScannerGo is a highly user-friendly, free PDF converter. You can convert XLS and XLSX files to PDF for viewing on any device. With simple instructions given with the different PDF tools, make it an easy platform to covert and manage your files better.

Take it for a spin

Use ScannerGo's online Excel to PDF converter for free, or upgrade to a paid membership to gain unrestricted access to all of ScannerGo's PDF conversion and editing tools. You can also download multiple files simultaneously and have no file size restrictions.

Automatic deletion of your files

All files uploaded to ScannerGo data centers will be immediately removed after you convert your Excel file to a PDF document, just in case you forgot to remove them yourself.